Welcome to the N8WCR web page

My name is Ron Wolenski, Amateur callsign N8WCR
I have been a amateur Radio operator since 1971. I am retired after working in the IT industry as a System Admin, Network Admin, IT Consultant, and IT Technical Support Engineer. Presently living in Monroe, Wa.
I live here with my honey, Sylvia, for over 18 years.

Catch us on our YouTube channel which I post various videos,
usually ham radio videos, but other videos of us at Ron Wolenski N8WCR (https://youtube.com/@ronwolenski-n8wcr)


Amateur radio gives you plenty of ways to get involved in radio communications. You can get involved in emergency services, during natural and man made disasters Amateur radio is usually the only means of communication left standing.

About Sylvia

I am Sylvia, soon to be Sylvia Wolenski. Winkey is a childhood nickname given to me by my Aunt Susan. I was born in March of 1963 in Boston, MA. After the blizzard of '78 my family decided to moved out to Washington state.

My Projects

These are some of our 3D printed projects that were made with our Tevo Michelangelo 3d Printer.

Our Hobbies

This page contains things like our hobbies, and other fun things we like, like fishing, our animals, our children and grandchildren.

News and comments

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